Lunettes de cyclisme

Des lunettes de cyclisme ne sont certainement pas un luxe superflu pour le fanatique des longues distances ou le cycliste. Outre la conception robuste de ces lunettes de soleil, elles présentent également de nombreux avantages. Elles vous permettent de voir plus clairement, de réduire les pertes de concentration et de vous protéger contre les intempéries lors de vos sorties à vélo. Qu'il s'agisse de rayons UV nocifs, de poussière volante ou d'un vent fort. Avec une bonne paire de lunettes, vous vous lancerez dans n'importe quelle aventure !

Cycling Glasses

Cycling sunglasses are an essential piece of equipment for every cyclist. Your eyes are not only exposed to harmful UV rays on sunny days, but also throughout autumn and winter. Aside from filtering the sunlight, your cycling sunglasses also provide protection against biting wind, dust, branches, leaves, and insects.

What to pay attention to when buying cycling sunglasses

All the cycling sunglasses featured on this page are selected for their sport-specific design: they are all designed for cyclists. The most important factor of a good pair of cyclists’ sunglasses is that they provide full protection against UVA and UVB rays. In addition, long-lasting comfort is essential, as well as good ventilation to prevent your lenses from fogging up. The colour of the lens can also boost your performance.

Cyclist Sunglasses: UV Protection

UV protection should be your primary focus when selecting a pair of cycling sunglasses. All sunglasses on this page offer full protection against harmful UVA and UVB rays. As a cyclist, you will likely spend a lot of time outdoors on your bike, whether it’s because you cycle to work, love cycling challenging trails, or because you’re training for an event. Even brief exposure to bright sunlight can cause photokeratitis or corneal flash burn - a painful eye condition. Be sure to protect your eyes!

Cycling Sunglasses: Safety and Comfort

If you’re entering an event, or even if you’re just a frequent cyclist, it’s a good idea to invest in sunglasses with shatterproof lenses and a sturdy frame - for instance, a pair of sunglasses with temples that can snap free in case of an accident.

Choose a pair of cycling glasses made of a light material. A (removable) sweatbar will help keep the sweat from dripping into your eyes. Rubberised pads and adjustable parts can provide relief during long tours. An anti-fog coating and good ventilation will help eliminate lens fogging.

Cycling Sunglasses: Lens Colour

The colour of your lenses can influence your performance. Not every shade is equally suited to all purposes and weather conditions. Here is a short overview of the benefits of different lens colours and lens finishes to help you pick the right one for you:

Dark lens colours like dark blue, grey, green, and brown are highly suited to bright sunlight because these lenses usually have a higher CE category filter - usually 3 or 4, the highest filter categories. Lighter shades such as light blue, yellow, gold, and orange are primarily suited to low light conditions. Especially yellow and orange lenses will help enhance contrast, allowing you to perceive depth better. Mirror lenses filter away extra light, including some of the light reflected by surfaces such as glass, metal, water, and asphalt. This coating to an extent enhances the effectiveness of shaded lenses. Polarised lenses are especially made to filter out reflected (polarised) light and bright glare, and do this far more efficiently than unpolarised mirrored lenses. Ideal for on the road, because these lenses filter away the bright haze of polarized light reflected by asphalt, which can otherwise cause headaches and eye fatigue. Photochromic lenses automatically grow lighter or darker depending on the brightness of the sunlight. This means you do not have to stop to switch lenses or sunglasses when the weather conditions change.

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