Lunettes de golf

Un parcours de golf comporte de nombreux challenges auxquels une paire de lunettes de soleil standard ne peut répondre. Pensez aux changements constants entre la lumière et l'obscurité, au soleil aveuglant ou aux aspérités du green. Pour bien se concentrer sur la balle, frappez votre coup avec de bonnes lunettes de soleil de golf protectrices. Les lunettes de golf sont conçues pour assurer une bonne vision lors de chaque partie et vous permettre de bien voir toutes les dénivellations du parcours. Vous ne serez ainsi plus jamais surpris.

Golf sunglasses: eyes on the ball!

A good pair of sports sunglasses is an essential piece of equipment for any golfer. There is no room for anything to pull you out of your flow when it comes to a sport like golf, where a sharp focus is the key to success. The golf sunglasses we have on offer ensure that you will always be bringing your best game!


More information about golf sunglasses

Eyewear and UV-protection are important when it comes to any outdoor sport. When you play golf you'll easily spend an entire day outdoors, and so optimal UVA, UVB and UVC protection is an absolute necessity. Furthermore, you'll require a pair of sunglasses that allow you to focus your full attention on the game. Every golfer has at one time or another experienced the disadvantages of blindingly bright sunlight and knows how hard it is to perceive depth and distance when your position on the course forces you to stare directly into the sunlight. A pair of quality sunglasses that enhance contrast, and preferably are polarized as well, will enhance your depth perception. This will make it a lot easier to assess distance accurately!

All the golf sunglasses that we offer are lightweight, comfortable, and have excellent lenses that provide optimal UV protection. If you are playing on golf courses that feature water hazards we recommend polarized lenses. These lenses will eliminate the risk of distraction by reflected glare and dazzle on the water's surface.

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